How Can BullyFreeNEPA Shield My School Against Bullying?


BullyFree Scranton is Scranton MMA’s official anti-bullying movement! 160,000 kids miss school every day because of bullying! It’s time for a change!


Bullying is a problem that affects every school across NEPA. This destructive social epidemic remains unsolved largely because we are expecting the wrong people to solve it! When bullying becomes a serious issue at schools, everyone is quick to point fingers at educators and school administrators. The simple truth is that while they may share some of the blame they can only do so much. Bullies are most aggressive when teachers aren’t present, and studies show that when a victim reports harassment to a teacher, the bullying often times gets worse. At Scranton MMA, for over a fifteen years, we have used physical self-defense techniques to balance the power between victims and bullies, and now we have developed a way to balance the power on a school-wide level without relying on a single martial arts technique.

The secret is our Shield System! The Shield System is an anti-bullying agenda aimed at altering the peer pressure dynamic. Aside from giving victims the support base that enables them to take a stand against bullies, we teach schools how to effectively change what is perceived as “cool” around campus. By creating a social dynamic which recognizes and rewards kids who step in and lend a helping hand when a fellow student is getting harassed, intervention becomes the social norm at the school. In doing so, we effectively balance the power between bullies and victims which ultimately reduces, or eliminates, the possibility of harassment on campus. Bullying starts with the kids, and therefore, it must end with the kids!

Bully Shielding your school is broken-down into three phases:

Phase 1: Empower the Students
Phase 2: Educate the Parents
Phase 3: Establish the Bully Shield Task Force

To help you understand the power and the uniqueness of the Shield System, we have created a free DVD. This DVD provides you with a summary of the philosophy, integration strategies, and benefits for each of the three phases. To request our free DVD contact us a The next school we “Bully Shield” could be yours!

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