Scranton MMA wants to improve your childs confidence 100% guaranteed

Scranton Mixed Martial Arts offers the areas best kids martial arts program. The program is specifically designed to increase the confidence of our young students and prevent them from becoming the victim of bullying.

The Kids program at Scranton MMA is called BullyShield and incorporates techniques from both Judo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Both of these martial arts teach kids how to become confident young adults. They instill discipline and respect all while being a fun activity that will provide a lot of exercise.

By increasing your childs confidence you will help better prepare them for school, finding and excelling in a career, and dealing with all of the different forms of stress that they will encounter as they grow up.

The BullyShield program at Scranton Mixed Martial arts is not just a typical self defense class that you might find at an average karate school. Our program not only teaches kids self defense but it does it in a manner that will also help their self confidence, avoid peer pressure, help them get better grades, learn personal responsibility, help them learn to set goals and help them stay fit and healthy.

Scranton MMA is committed to helping kids in our area gain more self confidence and avoid being victimized by bullying. We have a full curriculum that we designed with these goals and many more in mind. We have helped hundreds of kids that have trained with us and we are confident that we can help your child as well.

Since you might have some reservations about whether we can help your child become more confident as well as providing other benefits like fitness, self defense, self esteem, responsibility and more we would like to extend a special offer for anyone thinking about enrolling their child at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts. We would like to offer your child a free uniform, a free private lesson and 30 days of free training in our BullyShield program. The offer is 100% risk free and you have absolutely nothing to lose. Please call or email us today to take advantage of this great offer. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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