WARNING: Your Child Or One Of Their Friends Will Be Bullied!

Unfortunately the above statistic is very true. Your child has a very high chance of being a victim of bullying. If it is not your child then one of your child’s close friends will be a victim. Bullying is not some airborne virus. It is not something we have to hide from or run away from. In fact the opposite is true. Bullying is very easy to see and it is very easy to prevent both for our child and our child’s friend. All we need to do is properly educate and train our child on how to handle bullies. The solution is now easier then ever.

The first step is the educational process. What is bullying? Where does bullying commonly occur? What are the signs of bullying? What should we do when a bully confronts us? What do we say to a bully? Who do we tell when we witness a bullying incident? These and many more questions need to be answered in a very clear and concise way. We need to shed light on all the issues surrounding bullying. Once the parent and the child have the answers to these common questions it puts them way ahead of most people when it comes to dealing with bullying. Just arming yourself with this knowledge will help prevent your child from becoming a victim.

The next step is the training. The knowledge is useless if it can not be applied. Unfortunately bullying incidents are very stressful on children. This stress makes it difficult for them to properly apply the knowledge they have about bullying. However by training and practicing what to do when confronted by a bully over and over it makes the situation much easier for them to handle in a proper manner. At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we constantly allow our students to practice different situations and scenarios that arise when they are confronted by a bully or when someone else is confronted by a bully. We mimic as many situations as possible and we always ensure that the child successfully deals with a bully in the proper manner. We always teach our students that the goal of any bullying incident is to prevent and physical harm to them, their friends and even the bully. Our goal is not to harm the bully in fact our ultimate goal is to befriend the bully and that is another skill that we teach our students. Just by changing one child from a bully to a friend can help countless other kids!

It is important to realize that without the physical training, without constantly practicing how to effectively deal with bullying that our child will not have the confidence to first try to defuse any bullying incident verbally. It is only with the confidence gained my learning the physical skills we teach that the child will have the confidence to stand up to a bully.

Please give your child the education they need to stand up to bullies and help make sure that they are never a victim of bullying! Just enter your name and email below and click the red button and we can help make sure that bullying is one thing you will not have to worry about.


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