What Would UFC Legend Royce Gracie Teach Your Child?

At first when you think about a UFC fighter teaching your child it might seem crazy.  You might be thinking about your child learning head butts, elbows and violent punches and kicks.  You might have images of your child severely injuring another child.  You might think that a UFC fighter like Royce Gracie would be far to violent to teach and instruct your child.  The truth is that Royce Gracie does not believe in teaching kids to fight violence with violence. In fact Royce does not even think kids need to learn punching or kicking.

At Scranton MMA we are very lucky indeed to have been taught directly by Royce Gracie himself. Royce has come to Scranton pa to teach our kids directly numerous times.  He feels that the best skills a child can be taught are skills that do not require a child to hurt another child.  He does not want them to rely on overpowering another child or punching a child in the face to eliminate the threat.  He would rather the child learn how to tackle someone to the ground and get on top of them and just force the bully to surrender.  He does not think that the child should choke the bully out or break the bullies arm.

Royce actually thinks that the best thing a child can learn to defeat a bully is confidence.  Confidence will defeat a bully before a fight ever occurs. When a child learns to be confident and how to talk to the bully with confidence it often forces the bully to retreat and pick a different target.

Now even though we know the best way to defeat a bully is by being confident and using words instead of physical force we also know that it is extremely important for your child to learn the physical skills necessary to stay safe in case they are attacked by a bully.  Once a child learns that if they are physically attacked they will remain safe it gives them all the confidence they need to stand up to a bully and let them know using their words that they will not be a victim and they will not tolerate being bullied.  However if the child does not have the confidence or the necessary skills to stay safe in case of an attack then it is very difficult for them to stand up to the bully because they will fear the physical confrontation.

Once you can eliminate the fear of injury from a physical confrontation a child has no reason not to stand up to a bully.  Once a child has the confidence to stand up to a bully it completely changes the situation.  Bullies often seek out targets they perceive as weak and ones that will not stand up to them or put up any resistance or fight.  So when a bully does encounter a child who has no fear of the physical harm and someone who will stand up to them the bully will often very quickly cease to bully that child.

At Scranton MMA we constantly teach this dual strategy on defeating bullies.  Our kids are always learning new techniques that will keep them safe if they are ever physically attacked.  They play games that reinforce these techniques and allow them to practice them over and over while having a lot of fun.  They also are always learning and practicing different ways to stand up and talk to the bully using non violent methods like a strong loud voice and even body posture.  Since they practice both methods so often they have a tremendous amount of confidence that if they are bullied they have all the tools necessary to stay safe.

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