Why should my child Grapple at Scranton MMA

I need to preface this blog post by saying this blog post is in no way, shape, or form intended to put down or denigrate the benefits  of Karate.  However, seeing as Scranton MMA has its foundations in grappling (judo and jiu-jitsu) We feel strongly in their benefits

  • Grappling builds an enormous amount of self-esteem and confidence – using our unique approach to instruction, we are able to constantly praise our students for a job well done while at the same time, encouraging them to strive to achieve more. Through these methods kids develop confidence in not only his/her skill but also if a situation arises, the child can either choose to walk away or if need be, defend themselves in the safest and most effective way possible
  • Perfecting grappling techniques requires patience, focus, and a heightened attention span- our classes are not static, our kids do not stand still and practice forms but rather work with partners throughout so they constantly need to stay alert, listen, and be attentive and be a helpful training partner to their friend. This attentiveness carries over in all aspects of life including at home and academically
  • No “set techniques” allows students of every shape and size to participate- again since, there isn’t a set list of techniques your child needs to know, they can begin to pick and choose what techniques they like and can be most effective and beneficial to them
  • Develop critical thinking skills through partner based learning and drilling, our kids are taught to adapt and think critically especially when put in disadvantageous positions
  • Much much more! Honestly, we’re not bragging but we can go on forever about the benefits to our kids program  from increased balance and coordination to  more respect, discipline and working as part of a team the benefits  go on and on


So if any of this sounds like something you want your child to be a part of but your info in the box and get your child started today

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